Suunto Core

The wrist watch used to be a device for timekeeping only. As new technologies are applied in the production of wristwatches, the timepiece becomes more of a specialized type of equipment aside from being an outdoor watch that accurately indicates the right time.

Suunto is one such watchmaker. They have customized watches that can withstand extreme underwater pressure and measure the depth a diver has reached. There are also watches for athletes who climb high locations like mountains, as well as ordinary people who love sports and outdoors. Moreover, they decided to integrate the functionalities of the two different types of watches into the Suunto Core series. Most of the features are specifically designed for mountain climbing, skiing and hiking, yet there is another set of features the watch owner could use for snorkeling.

Basic Features

The Suunto Core series includes the Suunto Core All Black, Anniversary Edition, Alu Black, and Alu Light. This line of watches has a wide selection of straps made of aluminum, stainless steel, leather, and elastomer. Buyers can also choose from a number of colors like black and orange for the elastomer strap and brown for the leather. Other accessories are display shields, bike adapters and a replacement battery. The Suunto Core models host of features that set it apart from other Suunto watches and they are as follows.

  • Altimeter with altitude log memory and altitude difference measurement.
  • Barometer with storm alarm and weather trend indicator.
  • Automatic Alti/ Baro switch.
  • Compass with semi-automatic calibration and a digital bearing.
  • Depth meter.
  • Multiple watch, date, and alarm functions with dual time and countdown timer.
  • Sunrise/ Sunset times for over 400 locations worldwide.
  • Digital thermometer.
  • Menu based user interface in English, German, French, and Spanish.


Professional climbers do not ascend to any location without first studying the topography. Their preparation includes gathering of data of different factors that could affect their activity. The Suunto Core will help them know the predicted times for sunrise and sunset, compass to determine direction, altimeter for the height of the climb, and barometer to measure changes in air pressure. The weather trend indicator notifies the user of immediate drop in air pressure, which is also a form of alert if there is an incoming storm. The altitude log memory and difference measurement provide technical data of a climber’s progress. This is of the essence for climbers who are navigating a mountain in winter or cold weather.


For snorkeling and shallow diving, the depth meter is very useful in determining how deep the user has dived. The device is capable of reaching a 10 m. maximum depth, making it perfect for shallow diving in the reef and shallow dive spots.

For tech savvy individuals, the five button function switches are easy to manipulate. There are four main modes that can easily be interchanged such as Time, Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass. The in-depth features of the modes will further convince the owner that they got the right watch for their kind of lifestyle. Suunto Core reviews talk about the functionality of the various modes and how they are so beneficial to most athletes and other watch enthusiasts. Some also mentioned about having fun with the added extras like the digital thermometer and weather trend indicator. They are also amazed about the accessibility of the battery compared to other watches that have to be brought to an authorized service center for the purpose.

Minor Disadvantages

The only disadvantage some people find in the Suunto Core series is that it would take time for a non-technical person to get used to using the buttons to access the modes. This holds true for people who are used to mechanical watches. Some comments also stated that some of the functions are a bit tougher to use than others. For professional athletes who benefit much from the essential technical data from the graphs and differences in data results, this is exactly the outdoor watch they need. There are also concerns that some athletes might push the limit of the Core because of the Depth meter. Divers might exceed the maximum depth of 10 m. in one of their dives.

Giving direction and guidance with detailed accuracy in harsh conditions is the heritage that Suunto would like to give in the world of wristwatches. This is one of the reasons why the company included the 75th year Anniversary Edition in the Suunto Core series. This could be the finest series in their line up of watches, with all the cutting edge technologies that were packed into the models. The cosmetic finish and design are not different from other series like the Terra and Ventus. However, the additional fresh features are the “core” advantage of the group from their counterparts.

Final Thoughts

The Suunto Core truly convinced me that the top watchmaker has brought their dive computer technology to their watches. Their expertise in precision instrument making and cutting edge sensor development helped them tremendously in conceptualizing this series. Their expertise perfectly fits the product they have chosen to perfect. There are only a few companies that have achieved this level of sophistication in combining breakthroughs in technology into one awesome device.


You may not be into diving or mountain climbing, but if you love to travel to places, you will somehow feel that you need a Suunto Core on your wrist. You will never know when you will have the chance to use the Altimeter, Compass and Barometer when you are on a trip. The weather trend indicator, digital thermometer and depth meter will be of interest for people who like the outdoors. Suunto does not have to bring the Core series and the rest of their watches to the people. People’s changing lifestyles will automatically bring them closer to these watches. Urban living dictates that its dwellers need mobile devices as their best companion. If you decide to get close with nature by picking up an extreme sports or just enjoying the beach and the country, the Suunto Core should be your best pal that must always grip your wrist.

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